Build Your Own Marketplace

The Edders White-labeled Marketplace Solution

Building your marketplace app has never been easier

The Eddress White-Labeled Marketplace app is the ideal tech solution to creating your own online platform. Developed with multi-brand, multi-service businesses in mind, it allows you to build and manage your own online marketplace, giving users direct and easy access to your products and services. The best part is you won’t have to waste the precious time, money and energy it takes to build your own app from scratch!

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Create a seamless online experience for you and your customer

The app has been tried and tested in several markets to ensure the ideal online journey. It helps increase sales, awareness and productivity, while ensuring an accurate ongoing delivery process.

Use the technology to benefit your business

Our tech allows you to easily create transparency and visibility between the client, the merchant and your marketplace. This helps you focus on your operations instead of getting lost in logisitics.

Cut costs, save energy, get results

Skip the long-term financial investment of creating, updating and maintaining a custom-made app and enjoy the benefits of paying a one-time fee and using our pay-as-you-go model.

Give your brand the exposure it deserves

Completely customizable to fit your brand and your needs, the app is the ideal way to maximize exposure of your products and services.

Who is the solution perfect for?

But can't i build my own app

The Eddress White-Labeled Marketplace app has been developed by experts and customized for the industry. By using the app, you save your business time, effort and money. Instead of using valuable funds to hire developers, tech experts and cover tech and logistics fees, enjoy the freedom of paying a one-time fee for a ready-to-use solution.

Features & Benefits

Available on both iOS and Android, the Eddress app has been expertly developed to provide customers with an easy online journey that allows them to connect to nearby stores and businesses to purchase products or services seamlessly.

Browse through and order from a catalog of nearby stores and services on the go.

Pay via cash on delivery or credit card

Receive order status/updates and track the driver on the map

Receive discounts and special promotions

Leave feedback and rate the service

Enjoy a seamless delivery experience

Through our dedicated web portal, merchants will have full access and control to display and accept orders for their products and services, ensuring they are continually involved in every step of the process.

Web-based content management system allowing businesses to add/remove products or services

Receive order notifications via email/telegram application

Manage your drivers by sharing addresses and tracking their route

Engage customers by communicating delivery status

Get direct online feedback from customers to help enhance their experience

Create discounts and promo codes

Customize your app’s homepage

Reach out to customers using push notifications, email, or SMS

Track orders and customer activity

Access dynamic reporting

Bi-directional communication and updates between the mobile app and web portal

Integrate a loyalty program to increase customer retention

The Eddress App Technology in Detail

The Eddress White-labeled Marketplace app is currently being used in multiple countries around the world. Our technology has proved successful in a diverse range of marketplaces, services and products. Intuitive and adaptable, our technology sits at the core of why so many of our clients love using it.

mobile app
  • Native iOS (English)
  • Native Android (English)
  • Native App for Drivers
  • Eddress Merchant Reporting
  • Eddress Customer Reporting
  • Eddress Driver Reporting
  • Access to Fabric – A mobile app monitoring and reporting platform
  • Access to Google Data Studio for Live Reporting
  • Eddress will handle all server functions
  • Hosting charges will be included in the monthly fees
  • Eddress currently hosts all services on the Google App Engine
third party integrations
  • Available API for 3rd parties
  • Payment gateway integration
  • iOS or Android Web Enabled Device (Drivers)
  • Tablet / PC Web Enabled (Dispatcher)
  • 3G Cards / Wifi to be enabled on Mobile Devices/Tablets
device compatibility
  • The portal will be fully adapted to mobile and tablet devices
  • The current mobile app is developed in multiple languages.
additional benefits
  • Google Data Studio for live reporting
  • Branch links for marketing
  • Fabric for tracking users and mobile app
  • White-labeled website

The Fleet Management Solution

Subscribe to the Eddress Fleet Management Solution and benefit from a wide range of features. The Solution will help you optimize deliveries, track drivers, manage everyday financials and consolidate your orders into one platform .

Just some of the companies using the Eddress White-Labeled Marketplace App

There’s nothing like first-hand experience, so why not book a demo of any of our services to see for yourself if Eddress will work for you.