An address system for the digital age

eddress simplifies your address by turning it into a 6 character code ABC-123
Share it with your friends, delivery services or use it to check out on e-commerce platforms.
change locations, keep the code!

Exhausted of filling long addresses over and over?
Just use your eddress to checkout on e-commerce platforms and voila!
Tired of giving directions over the phone?
Share your eddress with friends, delivery services, taxi drivers and many others.
Don’t worry, just point your eddress to your new home and all relevant parties are automatically updated.
Sick of providing proof of address?
Soon you will be able to verify your eddress and make your address official!
Traveling and can’t read street names?
Just remember... your eddress code transcends language.
Hosting an event?
Just create an eddress and avoid spending your time giving directions.

What can you do with eddress?

Are you a business?

Soon you will be able to take full advantage of eddress! contact us

Place your business on the map

Soon, you will be able to add your business on the map and make it easy for people to get there. You may also reach out to your community and place your logo on the map.

Address form widget

Place the eddress form widget on your website and spare your clients the pain of entering their address. You can automatically update your eddress database when the user relocates.

Your company eddress widget

Place this widget on your website as a substitute to the map or company address. This widget gets automatically updated with your new information. This is particularly good if you are a popup shop or a food truck.

Most recent news

A sneak peek at our blog

eddress integrates with Uber to enhance user experience

eddress integrated with Uber! With eddress you may now get an uber to your office or your friends house. You can even send your guests from one eddress to another.

eddress wins spot at the alpha program of Websummit 2015 in Dublin

We are proud to announce that eddress was selected by the Websummit in Dublin to participate in the ALPHA program of 2015. Meet us at our booth to get your free PIMP MY CODE gift card. read more