"Manage your business, effortlessly."

Our robust backend management tools give you the power to guide, manage, and oversee your business ensuring it runs smoothly every step of the way.
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Maximize your business efficiency with our streamlined backend management system to drive business growth.

 Streamline processes to ensure smooth operations, optimize resources, and drive overall business success.

Efficiently manage the operations of your grocery delivery business, pet store, restaurant, cloud kitchen, and more by overseeing and coordinating every aspect of your business through our sophisticated back-end portal.

​ Effortless Marketplace Mastery - Introducing Our Robust Marketplace Manager Solution.

Take charge of your marketplace with our efficient Marketplace Manager. Seamlessly manage merchants, products, customers and orders to drive growth and streamline operations. From onboarding to delivery, unlock the full potential of your online ecosystem with ease.

Merchant Management

Streamlined merchant onboarding & access control to offer your merchants a seamless onboarding experience.

Customer Management

Enhance customer relationships with our Customer Management tools. Capture data, track interactions, and personalize experiences to deliver exceptional service and foster loyalty.

Order Management

Simplify order processing with our intuitive Order Management system. Track orders, update statuses, and manage inventory seamlessly for efficient fulfillment and customer satisfaction.


Provide your users with access to support whenever they need to ensure they have the best possible purchasing  journey.

​​​ Merchant Hub - Empowering Sellers on Your Marketplace

Merchant Hub serves as a centralized platform designed to empower sellers within your marketplace. It provides tools, resources, and insights to help sellers effectively manage their operations, optimize their presence, and drive success on your platform."


Streamline your business operations with our Merchant Order Management solution. Effortlessly track, manage, and fulfill orders with precision and ease.


Effortlessly organize, update, and showcase your product offerings with precision. Enhance customer experience with accurate product information.


Take command of your inventory with our intuitive Inventory Management system. Seamlessly track stock levels and optimize inventory turnover. Stay ahead of demand, reduce stockouts, and ensure efficient operations for enhanced business success.


Effortlessly establish and manage an unlimited number of stores or branches. Seamlessly handle orders, products, and inventory across each location with ease and precision.


Maximize efficiency in your order fulfillment journey with our Picking Monitoring dashboard. Effortlessly monitor orders from placement to dispatch, while optimizing picking routes, speed, and accuracy to streamline operations.

​Simple, fast & reliable: "Your Optimal Picking Companion"

Equip your team with the essential technology to streamline business operations and enhance efficiency. Providing the right tools empowers your workforce to maximize productivity, collaborate seamlessly, and achieve organizational goals effectively.
99% Picking Accuracy
Leveraging optimized routes, our system achieves over 80% shorter picker runs and guarantees 99% picking accuracy in just 5 seconds per item. 
5 seconds per pick
Experience lightning-fast order fulfillment with our picker app, delivering 5-second picks for swift and accurate online business operations.
80% Shorter Pick Run

Revolutionize your picking process with an astounding 80% reduction in pick run distance. Optimize efficiency and streamline operations like never before.

Picking Monitoring

Real-time tracking on all order processes from start to end

Track orders, identify delays, ensure efficiency.

Monitor driver availability for timely dispatch.

Analyze picking times, optimize operations.

​Get talking with your customers.

eddress provides tools designed to get your message across clearly while giving you access to the data you need.

Speak to your customers where they can hear you best.

Use our in-app and e-mail marketing tools to convey your updates, offers, and features effectively.

Automated Messaging & Emails.

Order & Tracking Notifications

In-App messaging & push notifications

Create incentives for better sales.

Apply discounts and launch campaigns that will boost sales on specific items, categories, or per season.

Promocodes & Campaigns

Cash Back Campagins

Customer Segmentation

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