• "Effortless delivery management right at your fingertips."

    Use our advanced fleet management tools to organize deliveries for optimized speed and efficiency, in real-time.
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Manage your fleet using our intuitive tools to make them faster, better and stronger than ever.

Automate, Optimize, Thrive: Elevate Your Delivery Solutions with Efficiency and Cost Savings.

Effortlessly manage all aspects of your deliveries with our intuitive and user-friendly platform. From tracking orders to coordinating logistics, our solution puts complete control in your hands, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery operations.

Optimize Deliveries: Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Minimize Costs

Apply discounts and launch campaigns that will boost sales on specific items, categories, or per season.

Automated Routing

Smart ETA calculations to ensure reliable delivery dates & times

Reduce late deliveries by 50%

Manage your drivers.

Manage your team of drivers, no matter its size. Easily enter in the details of each driver, and create teams with predefined pickup and delivery zones.

Automatic & Manual Assignment to drivers

Live Tracking

Drivers performance monitoring

Tech up your entire delivery team with a state-of-the art DRIVER APP.

Put the right technology in the hands of your drivers & warehouse managers to access the information they need to efficiently manage deliveries and provide excellent service to customers.
Order Management
Drivers can view, accept, or reject orders assigned to them. The can self-assign orders by scanning bags & provide real-time delivery status updates.
Route Optimization & Live Tracking
The app provides optimized routes for drivers, ensuring efficient navigation and minimizing delivery times. Additionally, Drivers and managers can track the location of delivery vehicles in real-time, allowing for better coordination and customer updates.
Proof of Delivery
Drivers can capture proof of delivery through signatures, photos, or notes, ensuring accountability and providing evidence of successful deliveries.

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