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E-commerce evolution: the 3 minute review

by George Alam, Technical Product Manager at eddress

If you want a product, there’s probably a shop online that can deliver it to your address. Nowadays, 75% of people shop online at least once a month. It’s crazy to think how far digital commerce has gone in less than 30 years. 

Indeed, the rise...

08/08/2022 11:27 AM - Comment(s)
6 grocery q-commerce unicorns paving the way for other industries
In the words of Freddy Mercury in the legendary rock band Queen, "I want it all, I want it now." Queen unknowingly described perfectly a concept that would rise to fame during the pandemic, q-commerce for grocery delivery, or quick commerce. 
20/06/2022 09:26 PM - Comment(s)
Q-commerce: The future is quick.

At eddress, we are committed to always being one step ahead, moving just as fast as new trends and needs arise. We have been focusing on last-mile delivery excellence since our first day in 2015, with a seamless and simplified address organization system for fleet management & fast delivery...

02/06/2022 07:30 PM - Comment(s)