How the launch of le “Super Marché” helped Frichti increase customer loyalty

20/03/2024 01:35 PM By George

In the highly competitive French food delivery market, Frichti has carved out a niche for itself since its inception in June 2015, capturing around 10% of orders in the Parisian region. However, the young contender didn't rest on its laurels. In September 2018, Frichti launched a game-changing initiative - Le Super Marché - a move designed to redefine the boundaries between online food delivery and grocery delivery, with a strategic focus on increasing customer loyalty.

Le Super Marché Unleashed: A Strategic Move

Le Super Marché emerged on the scene with an impactful marketing campaign, #makemyfrigogreatagain, which quickly went viral on social networks. The aim was clear - to transform into a one-stop online grocery store, offering a curated selection of around 200 high-quality products sourced directly from local producers. A bold strategic move indeed, considering the competition from well-established grocery delivery giants such as Carrefour, Monoprix, Franprix, and Leclerc.

Top Categories and Best-Sellers: What's in the Cart?

Le Super Marché carefully curates its product offering, with a limited selection that varies over the year, focusing on seasonal products. The top four categories and their best-sellers reveal intriguing insights into customer preferences:

Cheese & Dairy: In September, this category represented 19% of items sold, with seasonal cheese platters and "Petit beaufort d’été AOP Beillevaire" leading the charge.

Vegetables: Avocados took the crown, constituting 37% of items sold in September, maintaining a strong presence in October (30%) and November (23%).

Bakery: Fresh bread, a staple, represented 13% of items and remained stable in October and November.

Cold Cuts: While initially popular, this category saw a 50% decline in volume, making way for the rise of fruits, which gained 5 percentage points between September and November.

Customer Loyalty: Beyond the Cart

Le Super Marché's impact on customer loyalty goes beyond the contents of the shopping cart. Customers who engage with Le Super Marché demonstrate higher spending habits and increased order frequency at Frichti. In November 2018, Frichti captured a significant portion of Le Super Marché customers' monthly online food delivery budget (33%), and even more at lunchtime (40%).

Customers who ventured into Le Super Marché territory increased their order frequency at Frichti, ordering on average 4.2 times per month between September and November, compared to 2.9 times for other customers. This statistic showcases the success of the launch in not only attracting but also retaining a more loyal customer base.

Breaking Boundaries: The Thin Line Between Markets

The launch of Le Super Marché is a testament to the evolving dynamics between the online food delivery market and the grocery-delivery market. The French grocery-delivery market, valued at €6 billion in 2017, is expected to grow by 37% from 2017 to 2020. In comparison, the highly competitive online food delivery market saw a 59% growth from 2017 to 2018.

Frichti's strategic move with Le Super Marché not only increased its foothold in the grocery delivery space but also strengthened its position in the broader food delivery market. As online and grocery delivery markets continue to intertwine, Frichti's success story with Le Super Marché provides valuable insights for the industry.

Conclusion: A Recipe for Success in Customer Loyalty

In the evolving landscape of the French food delivery market, Frichti's launch of Le Super Marché stands out as a recipe for success in building and sustaining customer loyalty. 

By carefully curating a unique offering, emphasizing quality, and strategically entering the grocery-delivery arena, Frichti has not only expanded its market share but also created a loyal customer base that continues to choose Frichti for their food delivery needs. As the boundaries between markets blur, Frichti's journey with Le Super Marché offers a compelling narrative for businesses looking to innovate and deepen customer loyalty in dynamic and competitive industries.

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